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As long-time players in the performance marketing industry, here at A4G, we’re all about quality, safety and transparency. In fact, we’re so picky with transparency that we’ve decided to launch our own DSP. Our DSP was designed to help you take control of your user acquisition strategy and buy the right traffic, for the right price.

  • Advanced Targeting and Filtering

    Down to the smallest level of detail, our DSP allows you to buy targeted traffic that best fits your needs. Filtering options include: country, city, browser, device, category, etc.… You can even choose to buy on specific sites through custom bids and trust our unique CTR Booster tool to help you optimize your campaigns.

  • Quality Sources

    Thanks to our fraud detection tools, you will never buy bad traffic anymore. Say no to fraudulent or bot traffic. Quality meets Transparency with the A4G DSP.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Our DSP is your one-stop-shop to the best traffic sources out there, and our user-friendly setup and interface will help you make the most out of your campaigns: real-time tracking and reporting for complete transparency. What you see is what you get!

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